Senior Students

The senior students of Madhumita Raut are excellent sole dancers and can be contacted on their respective email IDs.

Sumina Das:
Sumina Das, Senior Student of Madhumita Raut A management professional, Sumina Das came under the wings of Guru Mayadhar Raut at an early age. Sumina Das is very active on stage , having given numerous commendable performances. Sumina is now training under Madhumita Raut. She also assists Madhumita Raut in holding workshops on Odissi dance.

Aadya Kaktikar:
Aadya Kaktikar, Senior Student of Madhumita Raut The foremost disciple of Madhumita Raut, Aadya has dedicated her life to Odissi dance. She is very active on stage, having performed in major dance festivals in India. Aadya specializes in teaching dance to young students. She regularly holds workshops to sharpen the creative skills of children.

Sumedha Goenka:
Sumedha Goenka, Senior Student of Madhumita Raut A member of Madhumita Rautís Odissi dance troupe, Sumedha Goenka has a number of solo odissi dance recitals to her credit. With a training of 10 years behind her, Sumedha is specializing in Abhinaya dances of Guru Mayadhar Raut. She has also assisted her Guru Madhumita Raut in lecture-demonstrations.

Dr. Priyanka Venkateswaran:
Dr. Priyanka Venkateswaran, Senior Student of Madhumita Raut A dentist by profession, Dr. Priyanka Venkateswaran is a gifted Odissi dancer. She has given a number of performances on stage. She is a very active dancer of Madhumita Raut’s Odissi dance troupe and has been performing with her Guru all over India.

Jayanti Chakraborty:
Jayanti Chakraborty, Senior Student of Madhumita Raut A textile designer by profession, Jayanti Chakraborty is an exceptionally talented Odissi dancer. She has performed extensively under the guidance of her Guru. She has also performed as Krishna in the highly acclaimed Gitagovinda duets. Jayanti has emerged as a dancer of great promise.